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No Trash Bags? | 5 Things Every Coordinator Needs

Am I the only one dealing with the lack of trash bags lately? I have coordinated two weddings back to back where I got to the venue, and it was apparent that I was in charge of clean-up and venue maintenance, but when I asked where the supplies were is was told, "oh, we don't supply the trash bags that are on the bride." There was even a sign in the kitchen that said where the soap was, extra paper towels for the guests..." no trash bags provided."

So after I get the party started and the DJ opens the dance floor, I'm driving to the local corner store to get freaking trash bags. There is always a box in the trunk of my car now.


As a coordinator, we have emergency kits that are on-site to be able to supply the couple and the guests with anything they might need. There are a couple of items I use at EVERY Wedding.

  1. Aisle Tape: I use this for almost anything. You have a cocktail hour sign, and it's a windy day? Tape the bottom of the easel with this tape, you have a neon sign you need hung, but you can't use nails or hooks. I use this tape. It is removable and super sticky. My #1 must-have.

  2. Towels: I pack a couple of towels for multiple reasons. Here in Florida, it could rain at any second. I need to be able to wipe down chairs or other items. Also, I usually always leave the ladies with a towel for their bouquets. The last thing you want is to pick up your beautiful bouquet and have a water spot on your dress right before you walk down the aisle. If you don't have towels be prepared to use your own sweater.

  3. Gaffer Tape: This tape is beneficial for setup. Suppose your couple has a sign, or an arch, lights, anything that needs to be plugged in. It is beneficial to have this to tape down the cords so no guests get hurt and to cover the cable so it looks nicer.

  4. Flower Wire: This set from Amazon comes with the wire, cutters, tape, and extra boutonniere pins. I use the flower wire for many things that need extra support or to hang things. One time the flower wire was the only thing I had to tie the cocktail table linens on a super windy day; not the cutest thing, but when it is all you have to fight the weather, it works!

  5. I guess it has to be trash bags, LOL.

Some other great go-to's that I always have on hand are safety pins (the bustle has a 50/50 chance of coming un-done), a hot glue gun, and batteries.


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