Living the Dream

Events are milestones, a distinct time in ones life where people come together, fall in love, celebrate, congratulate and often mark the closing of one phase of life and the beginning of another. I was never a woman that dreamt about planning her wedding since she was a little girl. It honestly wasn't until the weeks after my wedding that I realized how amazing everything was. From making the invitations, programs, menus, table numbers, welcome signs, and favors all by hand. To customizing a trolly ride for our guests with maps of our favorite places to visit. I realized the success of the day was all in the detail. The small details are what tells the story. Coordinators are charge with the duty to execute every detail of the couples story, to make the milestone of their wedding day just as beautiful as the journey they took to get there.


I started Maebell in 2018 as a way to make extra income to pay for grad school at JU while still working full time as a School Counselor in Duval. Little did I know that I would find myself living the dream, as a Day of Coordinator for couples on their weddings day. With a background in logistics and a creative knack for detail, I have find my true and authentic self when I am with my couples and their families in the days leading up to their wedding. Because I was blessed to have so many couples believe in me and support my gifts and talents, I am now able to say that I run and own Maebell full time.   


I am thankful for my family, friends, and my husband, for encouraging me to turn my hobby into something I can share with others. Your wedding day is an extremely personal event and I am grateful for the opportunity to be a small piece of your big story.

Welcome to team Maebell <3  

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Allyson Mae Reese
Owner & Head Coordinator
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Why Mae+bell?

As an adult, I try to hold onto as many memories from my childhood as I can. One can't possibly remember all of them, but I find that the ones I do remember, I remember with absolute vividness. My grandma was, and is, one of my greatest role models; her and my mother are women that I aspire to be everyday. My grandma was a no nonsense, infinitely loving, strong, God centered woman who played the piano better than anyone. It was always a treat getting to hear her play the piano after an evening dinner at my grandparents house. As a kid I knew she was good, but I didn't understand just how good.


One day, she told me, "If anyone ever tells you, that you can't do something, don't ever listen to them, keep going and never give up." It was my grandma's biggest dream to be a concert pianist. She auditioned to be in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and after not getting a seat, her coach told her to give up because she would probably never make it and she quit to find a 'normal' career. "Never give someone that power to steal your dreams from you," she said. 12 year old me heard her, but now as an adult, I hold onto those words almost everyday.


My grandma had a whole shelf of bells that sat next to her piano. When she passed, I kept one of those bells; it is a physical reminder of this vivid memory.

Don't stay quiet, sound the alarm on

your dreams...or simply just ring the bell.  

1 Peter 5:6-8
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