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At Maebell, we execute events with excellence and aim to create spaces where people feel valued, celebrated, and honored. We lead with creative problem-solving and become your stress warrior in a constant pursuit to ensure your event is run flawlessly.




Loving Leadership - We lead in a way that allows everyone the room to deliver on their gifts and talents while best serving the client. 


Smooth Operators - We place a heavy focus on logistics allowing us to think through every detail from idea to execution. 


Fearlessly Defending Joy - We are the protectors of peace.  We are here to be a clear line of sight into the event's vision allowing you to be present at the event and enjoy it.


One Band, One Sound - We are the band leader. Multiple different vendors come together to make the event come to life. It is crucial that there is one person to lead the way while collaborating clearly and proactively. 

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Founder & CEO | Allyson Reese

Allyson Reese has been the Founder & CEO of Maebell Events since its inception in 2018. She learned how to be a nurturing leader and planner at the beginning of her teaching career and from there, she found herself in the non-profit event space doing multiple types of event logistics and fundraising. She enjoys getting to know all her clients and their event needs to be able to provide a custom level of support. Check out this featured post to learn more about Allyson and the "why" behind her work.

"Events are milestones. A distinct time in one's life when people come together, fall in love, celebrate, congratulate, and often mark the closing of one phase of life and the beginning of another. " 

- Allyson Reese 

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