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The Day of Event Coordinator Reference Kit: Your complete handbook for managing a wedding day from start to finish

  • Customize the kit with your clients' event details

  • Record notes and information from vendors

  • Plan a detailed wedding timeline

  • Get tips as you go from a pro coordinator!

About the Day of Event Coordinator Reference Kit




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Track contact information and arrival times for vendors, record the answers to must-know questions and keep a running wedding-day packing list.

A complete outline of your roles and responsibilities as a Day of Event Coordinator, broken down through a standard wedding timeline.

A reference guide that will serve as your roadmap for the big day. Prepare it beforehand, and keep it by your side as you execute the wedding.

What is a Day of Event Coordinator?

As the Day of Event Coordinator for a wedding, it's your responsibility to oversee the event from start to finish. You should understand exactly how things are planned to run, and be able to keep everything on track with a careful eye and attention to detail. 


Every wedding is unique, but the responsibilities of the Event Coordinator extend to any type of event. You are the first person to see the space on a couple's wedding day, and the last to leave once the dance floor dies down. You'll know the name of every vendor, the order the bridal party needs to walk down the aisle, and the exact placement of the centerpieces on every table. You're the point person for every detail of the wedding - and the Day of Event Coordinator Reference Kit is here to help you keep track of every last one.

A good Day of Event Coordinator has everything 
under control. 


As a professional Event Coordinator, I know how challenging it is to manage a wedding. The last thing you want to do is bother the happy couple on their wedding day to ask what time the caterer will arrive or what song the bridal party wants playing as they enter the reception. That's why I created the Day of Event Coordinator Kit - I wanted to make things easy and organized so that you could feel confident coordinating a wedding. 

Decorating Wedding Table


See what's included in the Day of Event Coordinator Reference Kit


The first two sections of the kit provide the support you need to be knowledgeable and prepared for various duties a wedding coordinator can have.

→ The "Planning and Preparation" section has space to list out all the vendors for your event, their contact information, and their planned arrival times.

→ Multiple pages of critical questions to ask your vendors in preparation for the big day. This section will ensure you are clear on what items each of your vendors is supplying verse what the couple is responsible for providing. 

→ The packing list shares some items couples can forget to pack the night before the wedding. In addition, you can find a list of the most used emergency items every coordinator should have. 

→ "The Guidebook" section has an hour-by-hour breakdown of everything you could be doing throughout the wedding day as a coordinator. 


The third section will be the best place to take all the notes you need that are specific to your couple's vision. Not all venues and vendors are the same, so the depth of questions we list is broad. Things to think about whether your venue is a backyard or a 5-star hotel, this kit will get your wheels turning on what you will need as a coordinator.

→ The ceremony logistics page will assist you in understanding the layout, processional, and details of the ceremony.

→ It is standard that a Day of Coordinator walks the venue with the couple one month before their wedding day. The 30-day walk-through section lists all the go-to questions to ask your couple. There are additional pages to take all the decor notes and anything else you need to remember. 

→ If you are unsure how to create a layout, there is a place to do it in this section, along with some tips and tricks to create digital floor layouts. 

→ Finally, the reference kit would not be complete without information on "how to create a timeline." Not just any timeline, but a buffered timeline; this will make the day run smoothly with time built in to breathe and leave your couples time to reset throughout the day. 

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*This reference kit is a kit that is for ALL types of couples with ALL kinds of wedding visions. We don't believe there is only one way to do things and provide alternatives to your standard wedding traditions to ensure that your couple is the happiest and best version of themselves on their big day. 


"This amazing product took me from a crazed, overwhelmed cousin of the bride to a confident, organized coordinator."

Is this your first time coordinating a wedding? Are you looking to learn what it takes to execute a wedding?

Did the couple ask you to stand in as their Day of Event Coordinator, but you have no clue what that entails?

Maybe your venue requires one, but you aren’t sure what a Coordinator can do to support you?

Well, begin to breathe a sigh of relief; this reference kit is about to be your wedding execution sidekick.

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Day of Event Coordinator Reference E-Kit 

This digital PDF is a working document so you can type/write in the text boxes. It will hit your inbox immediately after purchase. 


Day of Event Coordinator Reference E-Kit + Spiral Bound Booklet

In addition to receiving the digital PDF download that you can use over and over again with multiple clients, you will also receive a physical spiral-bound copy of the workbook. 

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