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Discovering the Person Behind the Craft

Featuring Damian Grey, Owner of Film Story.

Recently I listened to Damian Grey's (Videographer and Owner of FilmStory) new podcast, StoryFirst. Damian's podcast is all about the STORY behind what we do as creatives. He says, "if we focus on cultivating the growth of the creative behind the technical skill; that technical skill will follow."

I met Damian about two years ago when we worked as a vendor team for a couple's wedding in December of 2020 (Shout Out to Lexi and Carlton!). I could tell immediately after meeting Damian that he and his team were video ninjas. Damian is nearly silent the whole day, so he can hear the story AND take it in from multiple angles and perspectives. The video he put together was a complete picture of Lexi and Carlton's proposal, rehearsal, and wedding day.

It is a phenomenal product he created based on his time and attention to being a part of Lexi and Carlton's relationship. After seeing Damian's work, I asked him to create a video for a non-profit I was working for at the time, Teach For America. As the Manager of Development, I was the connector between our teachers and the people that fund our program. I was trying to explain what school looked like for our teachers and students. The problem was, in 2021, schools were still not admitting outside visitors, and I had to devise a way to capture this story of resilience with others.

Damian was my first and only call for the job because of precisely what he stated in his podcast; he was (and still is) the best storyteller I have ever seen. Now, the video's technical features and quality is also phenomenal, BUT the video he created based on the countless hours we spent mapping out the story is why the footage carried such impact. You can check it out here.

This mantra and message of relationships first is something I believe in wholeheartedly. After listening to Damian on this topic, I have been reminded that the technique comes with the gift. Once you dedicate your work to building the relationship with the couple, company, and client, the rest will come naturally. Nowadays, it is so easy to be consumed by the trends, social media, and what is on their Pinterest board. The value of sitting and getting to know your couples/clients to the best of your ability BEFORE I even set a wedding centerpiece matters most.

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