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Event Coordinating vs. Event Planning

Often event planner and event coordinator are used interchangeably, yet there is a distinct difference between the two. If you are hosting an event, it is essential to know the difference so you are making a selection that meets your event needs. Planning is “The process of making plans for something or the act or process of making/carrying out plans.” Coordinating is “Bringing the different elements of something complex into a harmonious and efficient relationship; The process of organizing people or groups so that they work together properly and well.”


Our strength and uniqueness at Maebell are rooted in excellence in event logistics. Leading the coming together of an event and assuring it runs smoothly is what we do around here. 

Briza on the Bay Miami - Teach For America Miami

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"My mom really wanted a specific decor at the cocktail hour/reception, and Allyson made it happen with a few inspiration photos. We didn’t need to take care of anything on our wedding day."

Allison & Nyah

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