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Decorating Wedding Table

Are they ready for anything? 

Weddings come in all types, sizes, and needs. Depending on a couple's budget they will select a family member or friend to act as their Day of Coordinator for their wedding day. This kit will never replace the years of experience and expertise a professional coordinator comes with, but it is a great tool for someone on a budget to make sure their designated coordinator has what they need to be able to run point on your wedding day. 

Why do I need a coordinator?

Many couples decide they want to do the planning themselves and are the main point of contact for the planning. On your wedding day do you want to meet the rental company? Decorate the tables in the morning? Keep checking the clock to make sure you line up your bridal party on time for the ceremony? Clean and pack up at the end of the night? 

"As a Day of Coordinator, you have to be ready to carry the stress of the day on your shoulders with poise and a clear mind. It is more than just being able to decorate tables. You will have to be ready to make hard decisions and pivot if something doesn't go according to plan."

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What is inside the Day of Coordinator Kit? 

The ultimate package to equip your designated coordinator 

(1) A customizable google drive folder with a google sheets template to centralize all vendor contact information, a sample timeline description sheet, a sample planning and logistics checklist, facts and tips for the layout, and a ceremony processional planning sheet.   

(2) Night before the wedding day pack list for the couple. This highlights some of the most common forgotten items. 

(3) Frequently Asked Questions sheet for the coordinator to ask vendors and the couple before the wedding day.


(4) "What to Do When" template for the designated coordinator to know what to expect throughout different points of the day.  

(5) 60-minute Zoom session with Allyson where the couple and their designated coordinator can ask any questions about the kit or tips about what to expect on the wedding day. 

I'm interested, tell me, how much is the kit?
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