Medium Vases | 10 Total 

Perfect for a Bridesmaid bouquet centerpiece 

Small Vases | 8 Total 

Holds between 3-5 stems 

Wood Easel | 1 Total 

Holds small to medium weight sign

Flower Girl Basket

Optional red rose petals

Votives | 40 Total 

Mercury Gold

Mr. and Mrs Sign

Table top signs for head table or sweetheart table

Vases | 4 Total

Gold two of each size pictures

Card Box 

Gold Glitter 

Small Vases | 8 Total 

Holds between 3-5 stems 

Large Vases | 2 Total 

One of each, as pictured

Cake Stand | 4 Palets 

Four wood pieces stacked, as pictured

Metal Stands | 6 Palets 

10 gold magnets